We handcraft healthy, organic chocolate-dipped fruit truffles. We believe in deliciousness that you can feel good about! Our high standards make a great product that's deliciously satisfying, 100% organic, 100% gluten free, and vegan without GMOs, dairy, soy, refined sugar, cholesterol, preservatives, or additives and packaged in eco-friendly, recycled material. 

Our Story

You deserve to be healthy and fit.

Healthy food is a gift that your body needs every day. I started this venture in 2012 out of my college dorm room with a simple mission in mind: help people crave healthy food. In other words, I want to encourage healthy lifestyles by providing products that are made with the most pure, most nutritious, most delicious ingredients. The right choice should be the easy choice!

Our products are handmade with the love and attention that makes good food taste great. Take one bite and you’ll be hooked, but that's okay! our products are A GOOD THING TO CRAVE!

Here's to your health!!

Leif Arnesen, Founder